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          Add: No.8 East Bingang Road, Huahu Development Zone, H
          Name:Mr. Oscar Zhang
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                   Huangshi Jiarui Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional extrusion mould manufacturer which was established on February 2005. Our company is the member of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and designated production enterprise. We are the member of Committee of Doors and Windows, Metal Structure Association, Ministry of Construction. We are also the council unit of Plastic Wood Products Specialized Committee. Our company is located in  Huangshi City, central China, known as “pearl on the south Yangtze River area” with advantageous geographical position and convenient traffic condition.
                   Now we have around 80 professional designers and technicians to design the drawings,  install and test moulds. We have around 40 sets of equipments such as middle-speed WEDM machine, taper cutting equipment, lathing equipment, grinding equipment, drilling equipment, milling equipment and CNC center. With experienced designers ,technicans and excellent equipments, our monthly production of moulds up to 30-40 sets. And our main products as follows:
          1. PVC plastic doors and windows (color co-extrusion, double-sided double-color co-extrusion, embossing and post co-extrusion) mould
          2. PVC and PVC wood plastic door, wall panels, cabinet panels, window sill board, wall board and microcrystal floor moulds
          3. PVC, PE wood plastic door series, floor and tray series moulds
          4. Imitation marble stone plastic and foaming horn line moulds
          5. PVC, WPC landscape fence and road traffic guardrails moulds
          6. PVC, PE pipes (winding pipe, telecommunication pipe and drain pipe) moulds
          7. Other profile (PVC trunking, rain gutter, soft PVC step plate) moulds
                  Our operation principle is “People-oriented, keep faith, chase excellence, serve customers”, and our service principle is “fastest, most complete, timely and thoughtful”.
          Welcome all of you to visit,we always try our best to create a famous brand and let our customers satisfied.